Diver Alert Network - Front Cover

07th September 2017

There are a few international photographic competitions that standout from the others in terms of prestige and honour.
One of these is the annual 'Natures Best' photographic competition held in Washington USA.
What makes this years results even better for me is another prestigious magazine cover as a direct result.

This images was photographed earlier this year while in the Falklands.
Lying flat on my stomach in the ice cold water leopard-crawling next to these King Penguins will go down as one of the best moments for 2017.
I cannot wait to get back there early 2018 with follow-up tours that I'll be offering in 2019.
If you haven't experienced the amazing Falkland Islands then waste no time... you need to get there!
It's any nature lovers and photographers dream destination - wild and free!